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A blog article I wanted to share.

Learning about our plants around us that are being bottled for commercial uses of healing

I have this article from

"Like so much in this consumerist society, it is easy to ignore the connections between a bottle on a shelf in some store and a living, growing plant out in the world somewhere. It can be hard to know if the plant grows a mile away or on another continent. There is much to be said for reconnecting, for educating ourselves about the herbs we use and gathering our own medicine when we can. That's how we will be able to build a whole new system of healing--one that can support our movement away from the corporate power structure that medicine has become."

When I was last sick, I was just getting into (and still am) the studies of Plants and Herbs I was finding on my own Land -- and since I didn't know much yet of what is growing here and still learning about what is and each of their Medicinal Properties, I wanted to purchase something that I heard was good for building my Immunity System back up while at the same time using the old-fashioned remedies I'd grown up with from my mother for helping to aide in keeping the buggies away.

I'd seen many times the plant of Echinacea, and had been doing a little research on it since I didn't have any growing on my and or close by -- and decided to purchase a bottle of its capsules. I used them regularly for about 7 days, and noticed the changes and aide it helped in ailing me back to my healthy non-sick being again.

It had done wonders for me! And I was thinking about afterwards how many of these Commercial Bottles of this plant there were for sale in stores -- then how many of these precious plants in the world where the substances came from were used in creating this medicine, which obviously, there are a whole heck of a lot of Echinacea flowers used in making this product!

I thought to myself, well, since this has worked for me in healing myself back to health, it would be a good time in starting to learn again more intensively about it -- and look into growing it on my OWN LAND since there are no Echinacea around me. Not only would I learn about its preservalence, but it would in turn bring natural beauty to the Land itself, and only be harvested and needed in times where it could be useful in having on-hand with other medicines I've made from the plants/herbs in my yard.

Blessings and Love to my friend, dear Susan Ventura, for bringing this site back to my attention again...bonus! There are a lot of good reading and information for those who haven't seen this site before, and the articles are substantially a great learning tool for those in the Bioregional Field of Animism. May the learning and living of plants and herbs live on!!!

)O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds xo

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