Monday, March 19, 2012

The garden in March

The garden at the beginning of March

Sage - Lavender - Catnip - Thyme

Confrey - St J W - Calendula - Lemon balm

Daffodils - the garden March 19 - Lesser celandine - Daffodils - Comfrey - thinnings of Birch

Harvesting Rosemary and made a double infused oil.

Made a salve for wounds with equal parts of double infused Rosemary, St J W and Thymus oil.

Cleaned up the garden and the herb beds.

Nettles - sprout buds of the Elder tree - Comfrey and Chamomile


  1. Your garden is so pretty Rita :) I just love it!I forget what grows on your arched trellis by the chickens.. that sounds like a very useful salve. I bet it smells good too. I was thinking of you this weekend. I have been drinking so much sage and thyme tea for my cold:) It helps! I worked outside in the back gardens today. It was 80 degrees and broke a record for temperature this time of year! I filled up the truck bed again with the stuff I cleaned out of the back yard flower beds, and I am still not done! big hugs and lots of love always to you dear sis!! xoxooxo

  2. Thank you Leslie,I'm so glad it's Spring again. The arched trellis is Beech the same as the hedge. The dried leaves are falling off now, the dogs gather them in their fur:) So this time of the year there are everywhere leafs in my house.
    The weather here is also good, but not so warm as with you sis.
    Big hugs dear friend XXX

  3. I do love herbs. Your arched Beech trellis is wonderful. It gives your garden the look of invitation.

  4. The salve looks great - as does your garden. (love the beech trellis)
    Love Leanne