Monday, February 27, 2012

Rosehip honey, Rosehips and Hibiscus syrup

Filter the rosehip honey.

Rosehip-Hibiscus syrup
The rose hips that I filtered out the honey I reused to make the rosehip and hibiscus syrup. I've added new rosehips and hibiscus. Poured boiling water over the rosehips and hibiscus and left it in the pan for two hour. Now you have a very strong tea, but one you can't drink.

Than filter everything out and add the sugar.
300cl tea
300gr cane sugar
Let it simmer for about 2 a 3 minutes and pour in bottles.

Winter-sowing in jugs.
A little late, but...
It's the first time I did this.
Cut the jugs in two and punch some holes in the bottem for drainage. Throw some soil in and sowe the seeds you want. Moisten the soil a bit and tape the jugs back together.

Remove the caps, the opening of the jug permits ventilation, but also the necessary entry of rain.


  1. Oh that syrup sounds tasty! Yummy!! What a good idea, Rita! Yea, what did you plant in your little milk jug greenhouses? Big hugs and much love to you!! xxxx

  2. Hey leslie, I love flowers so I plant Welsh Poppy - Verbena Bonariensis - Lupins - Lavender and Foxglove.
    Will be updated :)
    Big hugs to you my friend XXXX

  3. Good idea to recycle jugs. The rose-hip and hibiscus syrup is something I'd like to try. Thanks for the recipe.