Monday, June 11, 2012

Elderflower liqueur

Take a big bowl - stuffing with elderberry blossoms and 3 sliced lemons - pouring cold water and cover with a plate to keep everything under water - 48 hours later - pour everything through a muslin or filter - take 1L juice and 333gr sugar (I use raw cane sugar) - cook together - let it cool down, then add 500 gr gin and pour into bottles.
Drink ice cold :)


  1. Ooooo i must try this now, Rita!! thank you for sharing :) Sounds delicious!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Oh yummmmmm. Shared this on Herbology :)

  3. You will love it Leslie, and the men for sure :)

    It is yummmie Anke, thanks for sharing!


  4. Deze kende ik nog niet!! Oh, wat zal dat lekker zijn.
    Ga hem ook maken hoor, maar arme vogels, zij krijgen helemaal geen bessen deze herfst.

  5. Think I'll have a go at this with Vodka as the base Rita, I'm not a fan of gin, but this looks lovely, need to get out and pick elderflowers quick, just wish the weather would allow it!

  6. Sounds intoxicatingly refreshing!! Maybe this should be the new Summer drink like Pimms!! Great photos. Do you add anything to dilute it, a mixer , ice or anything?

  7. Wow, this sounds delish! I have got to find some Elderberry trees in our area, been trying to find it around me (on my land and in the surrounding woods) -- but so far, with no luck, that I know of yet anyways.

    I'll keep this recipe in mind, though, when I run across Elderberry flowers though!