Sunday, January 22, 2012

Using Elder bark

How do I see the elder tree?
As a child I spent much time with my grandparents. In the chiken yard (wich was huge) was a large elder tree. I remember that I always played unther this tree.
Previously you could find elder at any yard and allong any field tracks, but not anymore.

I have been in the wood to locate elder in my village, I found several trees and took photos.
Some are small trees and others are large shrubs.

The thick branches are grey, but the thinner twigs are more green.

Here in Belgium, partly due to the mild winter there are already buts on the branches.

I took a few twigs home, stripped of the bark and cut into small pieces. Thrown everything into a bowl and topped with olive oil. Then I put the half into a double boiler for about 2 hours and then strained. Then poured the oil over the new bark and again infused for 2 hours.

Poured it through a filter and then into a clean bottle.
Double infused elder bark oil

Making a bruise salve out of the oil.
Using the double boiler method again.
I heated the double infused elder bark oil in a pan and melted the beeswax in the oil.
My friend Leslie told me to to use 1 part beeswax to 8 parts oil.


  1. You take such good pictures, Rita :) I thought the oil smelled good, while it infused! The salve does not have but a faint scent, though. It is sad that elder is not still in most yards, isn't it? I planted three in my own gardens two years ago. Also planted one at Eric's home. This year, I would like to plant one in each of my children's yards. They are not so large as to take up too much space:)The woods look pretty where you harvested. I wish I could walk there with you!! Excellent post, Rita!! xoxoxo Love you my sis!

  2. Well done!!! Interessante energiebron ;-)

  3. Thank you Leslie :) The oil had a lovely sweet smell. I have not one in my own garden, but I'm intend to plant two of them this year. The woods are in my own village Leslie. How is Eric Leslie?
    Big hugs my sweet friend XXXX

    Bedankt Hanneke, ik vind ook altijd veel interessante dingen bij jou :)

  4. That is nice the woods are close to you:) Eric is doing very well! Thank you for asking:) We went out for dinner and a movie Saturday night. We went and saw the movie Redwings. It was very, very good, and a true story! That is very good you are intending to plant elderberry in your own gardens! Love you sis!! xoxoxoxox

  5. Well done, Rita - both for successfully making your salve and for writing so well in English! Lovely photos.

    1. Thank you Sarah, it was a nice lesson in which I learned to make my first salve.